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  1. Audio problems on El Capitan Hello guys I have a weird problem. After the installation of el capitan and the installation of necessary kexts, I have also used an Audio pack to fix it on my asus p5k se. I have also used the kext to enable the 7 jacks on back motherboard. Audio and record is now perfect except for one thing: When I use skype or calls programs, the voice exit only from one speaker ._. all the other sounds (video, system ecc) from both 2. What could be? Ps: if in accessibility I enable the force mono option, the voice output is from both speakers but obviously less qualitiy... Any idea? Thanks anyway
  2. Hi all, guys I just installed Last version of mackintosh on my desktop PC with Asus P5K SE Motherboard 4 GB DDR2 Ati Radeon R9 270X I have fixed lan problem installing some drivers founded, but Microphone seems that is recognized but not taking sounds... I mean, If I try to talk while on Audio settings, on microphone part, I don't see nothing changing If I talk. There is something I can do? I need it working to use Team Speak 3 or Skype, for example :/