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  1. Hi Guys, I used and installed Niresh Mac OS 10.9.0, keeping the default settings. My Laptop is XPS L702X, Nvidia gt555m, i7 2xxx CPU, Audio) were dated 19Sep2013. But, i decided to reinstall it... I erased the HDD, made new partition etc.. and installed it again keeping the default settings. And after that installation (again 10.9.0) - the video and youtube stopped to work.. They shows green and yellow lines/boxes and no picture at all. And freeze. The Audio start to work for 3-5 seconds, and stops. And I mentioned, the kexts are dated 20Sep2013. How can it happen, the same installation USB, the same build, the erased and ne partitioned HDD - two different kextes dates and problems. After that I updated to 10.9.2 - but the same issue with the video and youtube and the Audio kexts and Voodoo, because I use voodoo). And another note - the CPUpower management works perfect, even I did not click to install it during installation, and the Nullcpupowermanagement kext is present in the S/L/E. I repeated 3 times the installation from the beginning, but still have above issues and kexts from 20Sep.. I do not know why the first time the video and Audio worked fines and the kexts were 19Sep... (and I have updated the latest Adobe flash player 12, with it the problem persists) Any ideas? Any ideas
  2. Hackintosh Mavericks

    I have the following issue with my Dell XPS L702x , Nvidia GT555m: Firstly i install the MAC OS from the Niresh. It is still 10.9.0. I use the default settings in the Niresh - no changes. But, the video playing does not work, even from Youtube or from any video file - it start playing and showing green-red-boxes , no picture and movie. I have installed the latest Adobe Flash Player 12, but the same. After that I ereased installation and install it again. his time the video and youtube played with no issues. But I had issues with the sound and erased it again. After that I tried 3 times to install the same niresh 10.9 by default - but the video does not work.. strange. And I mentioned sometimes some of the kexts are dated 19 Sep 2013, sometimes - 20 Sep 2013.. Is it possible? since the installation is the same, no changes. After that I updated to 10.9.2 - but the video and youtube issue is still. The sound - after the update I overwrite the AudioAUUC.kext and VoodooHDA.kext, removed the AppleHDA.kext -- the sound appeared, but when playing something - it played only for 5-6 seconds and after that stops... From other side - the PowerManagement works very well, does not matter I did not activated it by default and the NullAppleIntelCPUPowerManagemetn.kext is present... Any ideas about the video and sound issues? And whey - sometimes after a fresh install they work, sometimes with the same fresh installation - does not.
  3. Hackintosh Mavericks

    Install this distro. And after that simply update the OS from the App Store. I did this way and it updated to 10.9.2
  4. Dell XPS L702x audio and 10.9.2

    Hmm.. the problem with the Audio on Dell XPS L702X is a common... Even I reinstalled the Voodoo kext, the sound settings shows me the Voodoo menu, I have notification sounds, but when playing whatever music/movie - it starts, but in 5 seconds just stop.. I think I miss some proper kexts.. I tried all possible and available in the net, but no success. 2. The other issue is the bootloader. Whatever I do - I cannot get the Dell to boot from the HDD... I installed all bootloader, as standalone, or in EFI, UEFI... but when starting from the HDD is says Operating System Not found... And I have to keep a USB plugged in order to boot the laptop..
  5. Hi Guys, Finally I found a solution on my internal Audio stopped work, and no sound devices listed at all. Some of the other Niresh tweaks are still valid (HWMonitor example), bit the battery percentage disappeared as well. Please cudk you advise how to return the internal adio devices? thanks