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  1. Yosemite GPU

    Hello guys! I installed Yosemite on my custom made PC. And also fixed dual-boot so i can use both Windows 10 and Yosemite. By far it has became the dream machine, and this all thanks to Niresh for making this possible. U rock dude! Anyway, like everyone, i have problem with drivers (kexts). Mainly Audio and Ethernet, but i do not care because i used these devices and are working fine for me. Audio: Ethernet: ANYWAY, the real question is this: DO I NEED GRAPHICS DRIVER OR IS IT WORKING OUT OF THE BOX? Transparency and everything is working fine and smooth. I have nVidia GeForce G210 1GB. Below are some screenshots. I would like some help if anyone can. Respect for all! Graphic.tiff about.tiff