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  1. I now have El capitan, but still no sound with clover and toledo inject. No device in sound and in system information Audio id = 5???
  2. New mobo

    --- found it downloaded the Realtek en with ikext installed it on yosemite! I put it also on EFI clover kext. And now it works! I'm happy
  3. No network asus Z97-K

    I've ask this also in another topic new mobo! But perhaps the subject was not the right one! So here is the question again! Inside is a reakltek RTL8111 lan, perhaps I don't have the correct kext? Any one? Its very annoying not to have a network on my hackintosh!!! --- found it downloaded the Realtek en with ikext installed it on yosemite! I put it also on EFI clover kext. And now it works! I'm happy
  4. New mobo

    Well found some solution! I can login normal removed the realtek RTL8xxxx.kext from efi kext folder. After it the system boots fine! Sound working again, but no lan network!! I tried several realtek 8111 kext in the efi kext folder, but nothing seems te work! It would be great if someone could help solving me network problem!
  5. New mobo

    I bought a new mobo asus Z97-K. Now I cannot start Yosemite the normal way with clover, but when I use "login without injection" it will boot into Yosemite! What to do? There is no sound and no internet, when I login without injection! Are it the kext inside the kext folder on Efi partition or on the yosemite partion? I hope someone can help! .
  6. I had problems installing clover. I got a blinking underscore. So I booted from the old partition with Cimera. No problem. Then I've deleted the complete disk 0s1 (refi). Everything works fin. But since I have another disk with Windows 8 and really would like to have a multiboor again Ik thought to give clover another go. But now the problem! Ik can not install clover, since there is no refi partition te write to! How can I recreate or build an Efi partition with reformatting and installing everything again? Please help!
  7. I have installed with niresh OSX 10.9.0 Mavericks with succes! But still got some issues After installing there where several hardware items that did not function 1. - ethernet card 2. - sound card 3. - lousy graphics 4. - bluetooth some issues 1. The Ethernet driver kext was no problem Realtek RTL8111G so internet works - solved 2. The soundcard kext seems not to work at all it's a ALC887 codex - anybody a tuttorial? 3. How in Gods name can I install the right graphics files kext for the integrated ATI-7660D? 4. Bluetooth seems to work but it does not regonize my aluminium Apple bluetooth keyboard? I'm stuck at this moment so if you can help me?????