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  1. Error during installation

    Ok , my installation is quite perfect i let you how i did that, and on whitch system , to help community and ur database of succes hardware to make a hackintosh see you tomorrow ! ( am in france so, its 11:30pm and i work on my hackintosh since my first post ^^ ) -- k9 --
  2. ok, first, thanks for this release and tuto . I have boot install as well, flags -v -f -x ; i create the disk, osx journalised, i configure installation, or if i make default install its same ... : > Osx can't install on computer [ eorror during package extraction " Essentials.pkg ", quit and reboot to try another time ] < So, reason in log is "Domain=PKInstallErrorDomain code = 110 , archive verify failed" . I am using usb drive , whith all on your "How To " guide . Could Help ? Google didnt help me anymore...