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  1. Mavericks Post-Installation Issue

    Thanks Deepak, I booted with GraphicsEnabler=Yes. But, still unable to boot successfully without -x flag. Now, the following errors have been shown on booting in verbose mode with GraphicsEnabler=Yes:
  2. I finally able to install Niresh 10.9 with the boot-flag "xpcm-free". But the problem is that I can only be able to boot up using -x boot-flag. When booted in verbose mode, its pauses at something about bluetooth. The attachment contains the screenshot of errors displayed in verbose mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated. System specifications: Laptop: Dell Inspiron 15R/5537 Ram: 8gb Processor: Core - i7 Haswell 4500U Hard Drive: 1TB Graphics: Intel HD-4400
  3. 10.9 Install good!

    Hello astacks1, Did you find any solution for the bluetooth issue? I have the Dell Inspiron 5537 laptop and I also got stuck on that error ...