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  1. 10.9.1 Celeron

    Finally I understand why Bluetooth doesn't work properly. If in Bios have the Intel Virtualization Technology Enable the bluetooth doesn't work. If the Intel Virtualization Technology Disable work fine.
  2. 10.9.1 Celeron

    Mainboard: Gigabyte B75M D3H CPU: Celeron G1620 Graphics: Asus Radeon HD 5450 Memory: 2x4 = 8 GB The system goes perfect with little problems on bluetooth and USB3. The bluetooth (LevelOne MDU-0025USB) found the keyboard (from china), pair, unpair, pair again ... I must say that bluetooth was always pair with 10.8.5. USB3 - if I restart never recognize the HDD Dock that I have. I must power off and power on the Dock to see the hard disk. Ethernet played immediately , the sleep enable played , and I put chameleon iMac 12.1. the sound is perfect and Graphics I install AMDRadeonAccelerator & ATI5000Controller which all perfect to 1680x1050. For the Paragon NTFS everything works . The system works perfect ...
  3. Never Sleep

    I think that is a big problem for all of Hackintosh. My pc never sleeps, 10.8.5, B75m d3h, celeron G1620, HD 5450. A universal (all in one) sleepenabler I think is the best way. Thanks.
  4. Mainboard: Gigabyte B75M D3HCPU: Celeron G1620Graphics: Asus Radeon HD 5450Memory: 2x4 = 8 GB After many efforts to put mac in AMD to no avail ( Exclude been able to put 10.6.0 without working anything ) edited mainboard with my brother and I bought the celeron.The system goes perfect except the persistent problem Sleep that have many hackintosh.Initially I put Niresh 10.8.2 and I upgraded through the system to 10.8.5 . In the install that I put is the ethernet AppleRTL8169Ethernet and played immediately , the sleep enable not played , and I put in the chameleon, iMac 12.1. I had put on earlier installation Mac Pro and I pulled out a problem . For Audio I installed the universal driver (Miikko) from Niresh and for image install the 3043-AMDRadeonAccelerator & ATI5000Controller with which are all a joy to 1680x1050 ( the folder has 2 kext TO BE DONE install one by one ) .For the Paragon NTFS everything works .With the money that I gave (about 40 euro) the system is very good. ----------------------- Eventually I put the mavericks by updating the bios of the mainboard from f13 to f15. I put the niresh no attempts made ​​simple with the sleep to work.