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  1. No boot loader found after install

    Answer found - downloaded Multibeast & installed Chimera boot loader on hdd - all good. Why it doesn't work with Chameleon I don't know. It boots from hdd now so that's all I'm bothered about.
  2. New to Hackintosh world, installed Yosemite on an HP Folio 9470m laptop (4GbRAM, 320GB SATA HDD,i5) with a supported Atheros wifi card. All works fine if I boot from usb stick but trying to boot from hdd the laptop reports no OS found. It doesn't look like it can find the boot loader. I'm proficient in Linux & Windows, some experience of BSD Unix but so far, after probably 20 installs, several hdds and even a different laptop I'm no nearer getting the system booted from the hdd directly. The hdd has been erased before each install, using both HFS+ Journaled and with Case-sensitive option, the same results from each flesystem type. Bios boot mode is Legacy - trying either of the UEFI boot modes results in no EFI file being found. Some advice would be welcome please