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  1. having absolutely No luck with an AMD and intel system,

    Part of needing to use that tool, was to create a vanilla (un modified) USB Installer of Yosemite for my Mid 2010 Mac Mini, and yes Mavericks Zone worked w/ the i5 System
  2. having absolutely No luck with an AMD and intel system,

    i'll give Mavericks a shot w/ that one, tried Serria on the APU based System, and i cant shake this no matter what i try, whelp got something somewhere finally with Mavericks and the I5 system, the offical createmedia tool goes to erasing my disk 0%....10%... gives me an error (1, 0) hopefully some tips while i'm snoozing come along BUT its working almost to a tee. (No Sound No Networking, and i only get in to Desktop if i pass along -x so i think i need nvidia drivers for tthe GPU i selected for the temp-build (EVGA Nvidia GTX 480) and USB is Weird, any port will host a USB Disk Just fine but only ports that actively repond to K&M is my USB3.0 ports, if i can get all 4 issues solved, i'll make this dual boot w/ windows to give the teeny system a purpose its a really Small motherboard like POS System small. here's a image of it (you can see somewhat in the background my G4 Quicksilver)
  3. having absolutely No luck with an AMD and intel system,

    thats a First gen i5 (the i5 650) but the APU? i'll give Sierra a try. the last intel system i dug out one of the oddball Dual Core Pentiums, the Legacy boot installer menu for Chamelion just halts w/ " :" or "/" mid"spin" i'll update w/ screenshots in alil while (i'll grab Sierra and while the USB stick's being written to going to get dinner here started as its atm of this post, 6:24PM EST)
  4. ok the last two days i've trie dto setup a hackintosh, mainly so i can cleanly build an Vanilla Yosemite USB Stick (Windows installer kinda.. Hosed my Mini's HDD and now i need to redo Yosemite on it,) only Spare Systems i have, are AMD Phenom II X4 based (lil too flustered and it being 5:30am here. to turn it on just to see exact CPU) (ASUSRock 880GM-LE Mobo) 4GB DDR3-1333 Ram AMD APU 7850K Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H Mobo 6GB Ram Intel Core i5-650 Gigabyte GA-H555N-USB3 Mobo 4GB Ram (ram between these is pretty much the same just the APU board has 4 ram slots vs the others only haveing 2. as are the GPUS) GPUs: Nvidia GTX480 XFX Radeon HD5750 Radeon RV370 Radeon X600 Radeon HD3650 (the only other PCI-E card i have is an Nvidia Geforce 6600LE but thats sittin cozy in my PowerPC G5 tower and as far as im aware theres no PC Bios to flash to convert it.) theres 2 othere systems i havent listed neither, but both arent mine much less my own Main rig which i've tried making work in VMWare onlyt to be so agonizingly Slow i didnt want to attempt what i needed a hackintosh/real imac for) what would be suggested i use what release in downloads should i use? and recommended of the systems i have to spare, what's the best bootflags to set? its been too far long since i last built a hackintosh and that was back when Snow Leopard was New
  5. Install went fine Booting Isnt.

    i had to get the installer to load via setting "amd -v -x npci=0x2000 IGPEnabler=Yes UseKernelCache=Yes", installed the appropriate packages but i chose the other bootloader instead of Chameleon (so it always starte din x64) Target drive was a 500GB HDD in an USB3.0 Enclosure (i'd haveto replace my DVD-RW Drive as i dont havemore than 2 SATA Power cables on this PSU) Specs are: Gigabyte F2A88XM-D3H Motherboard (FM2+) AMD A10-7850k APU Internal Radeon "R7 series" GPU in the APU. Actual GPU: MSI TwinFrozr Series GTX 760OC 2GB Card 750W Modular PSU by OCZ 8GB DDR3-1333 Ram (i knwo i need faster ram to not bottleneck the A10 soon) Generic DVD-RW Drive Windows 10 Pro on Internal 1TB HDD (Failed attempt) Nivresh Mavericks 10.9 on USB 3.0 HDD