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  1. HD4000 Problem

    I find the problem. On the 3th command, need to add / at the top. I removed the Kext and now, the boot stop on "DSMOS arrived". Can someone help me? Thanks a lot.
  2. HD4000 Problem

    Hi everyone, I'm new at this forum and my english is very bad. I have a Asus ZenBook UX32VD, and I'm trying to install OS X on it. After the installation, when I boot with -v flag, the boot stopped on this line: [iOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- Completed or ****[iOBluetoothHCIController][ProtectedBluetoothHCIControllerTransportShowsUp] -- Connected to the transport successfully -- 0x4600 -- 0x4000 -- 0xb800 **** I found information about that in Google, and the fix is remove all kext about Bluetooth, but when I go to the Single User Mode to remove the kext, appears another problem: "Read only filesystem". And I can't remove any kext. I use the following commands: 1) -s flag 2) fsck -fy 3) mount -uw 4) cd /System/Library/Extensions/ 5) rm -rf IOBluetoothFamily.kext/ The latest command prints Read-Only Filesystem. Can someone help me? Thanks a lot.