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  1. macOS Sierra Repair Permisions

    No doubt the information is excellent as I have knowledge of this contributor but the page was/is so full of ads and spurious downloads that I couldn't find the download link.
    3 stars for effort in trying to help fellow hackintoshers. Unfortunately launched but didn't fully open in OS X 10.11.2. Possibly there is an even newer driver since posting this one? Later edit: On a Aspire 5600U itr works ONLY if I put the wifi dongle in the USB3.0 port. No luck on any of the USB 2.0 ports.
  2. Hi, I just discovered Hackintosh Zone. I'm a pretty experienced Mac Tech but still getting my head around Hackintosh and in Particular, Clover. I have Asus 5600U with touch screen removed (because it broke) 10.11.2 Installed with TonyMac recommended Install with Mulitbeast latest and a couple of tweaks from Clover configurator. I have it working but have no wifi (Realtek 8192 USB dongle),No bluetooth, no sound, no camera.. I'd really like to team up with someone who could help me with this current config and basically to share knowledge. Location New Zealand. Thank You