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  1. Ok. I use Clover to boot on to my windows and os x but i have to keep using clover and i'm fine with that. I just don't know why my screen is all glitchy like if I was using a cracked screen. What i believe is that i have to disable graphics enabler but just don't seem to know where to do that mind helping m. I am a amd user. 8320 fx proccesor 16 gb of pny ram 6870 asus 1gb video card then running the os on a 1tb harddrive Sorry for the misspelling using the os x but its glitchy and it does not show all the lettering and images. for example look at this picture.
  2. Please help asap I need to be able to use it after installing and able to fix the graphics issue that makes it glitchy then I need to be able to use it properly.!!!
  3. Os X Maverick 10.9.0

    Hey I may be a newbie but I have worked with installing OS X on amd pcs but I have a problem would like some feed back please.. I have installed OS X Maverick 10.9.0 On my AMD PC That I have BUILT. It is an: CPU: AMD fx 8320 RAM: PNY 16gb dual channel GPU: AMD 6870 I did install it correctly but when I have to create an account It freezes I want to know if there is a fix please reply ASAP!