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  1. Hello. I am attempting to install OS X Yosemite 10.10 onto my HP Pavilion A8. I erased the disk into a Mac format and restored the USB with the Yosemite-Zone disk image. Bootflags such as "amd" and "GraphicsEnabler=No" got me to the Apple symbol with the progress bar stopping at about 30%, every-time, even with other boot flags. I have gone into verbose many times and it doesn't help at all. Here are my specifications; listed below: Notebook model: HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC System Board ID: 2269 Processor Type: AMD AB-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics Processor Speed: 2000 MHz Total Memory: 8GB BIOS Version: F.10 BIOS Vendor: American Megatrends WLAN FCC ID: TX2-RTL8723BE Bluetooth FCC ID: TX2-RTL8723BE That's my system. Are there any bios settings I may have missed (list them all) and boot flags I must enter? Thanks in advance.