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  1. problems after successful installation

    from the installer? From the Customise option?
  2. problems after successful installation

    my apology i for missing the specs. My PC comprises of: Intel core-i3@3.10GHz 4gb RAM ZOTAC 650 Ti intel board
  3. First of all thanks a ton niresh for the distros I have been using it since the mavericks came out until around a month back I had to switch to ubuntu for some reasons. Today I wanted to get back to maverick so I burned the mavericks dmg onto my usb via win32 disk imager as fldone earlier and booted and installed successfully. But yet again after booting to Mac after the Apple logo and loading icon , I see nothing but white screen, just as I faced it last time, but I don't seem top remember what I actually did last time to get it work. Written with high regard and a hope for resolution.