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  1. AMD system

    Can i install el capitan with some kext on amd fx 6300 ? or with some tutorial or files. Thanks
  2. Someone help plsss

    My specs are amdfx 6300 8gb ram gtx950 and 120gb ssd 160gb hardisk and 1tb hardisk I installed update from store and them it stop working my yosemite please help

    I forgot to write this i sellect on install in customize in menu i sellect in bootloader chameleon and the other clover.

    My specs are amdfx 6300 8gb ram gtx950 and 120gb ssd 160gb hardisk and 1tb hardisk I have problem i installed on my pc mac os x and after instalation i have issue after community logo it shows this. On command line in the bootloader i write this: /amdfx npci=0x2000 nv_disabler=1 GraphicsEnabler=No. Thanks for help
  5. Error boot.done

    Hi i have ring amd fx 6300 8gb ram gtx 950 kingstonssd 120gb 1tb hardisk 160gb hardisk I installed 10.10.1 hackintosh on 160gb drive and i have problem if i disconnect usb drive with instalation it load a windows on ssd if i have it connect i am stuck on this error. Thanks for help
  6. Error on instalation

    Thank you ill try it
  7. Error on instalation

    I have ring: Amdfx 6300 8gb ram gtx950 1tb hdd 160gb hdd and ssd kingston I install os x 10.10.1 on 160gb hdd restart pc and type to the command line npci=0x2000 /amd and oher command and i still have issue im am stuck on hackintosh comunity logo. Thanks for HELP

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