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  1. [Niresh] Cant boot into Maverick

    This. Just skip to the end or something. Once its uploaded ofcourse...
  2. [Niresh] Cant boot into Maverick

    So I tried a TON of things and got a TON of errors and everytime I fix them new ones pop up. So first I got the intel driver stuff or whatever that I had to delete. Then my boot stopped loading at some bluetooth stuff or whatever. And now it stops loading after listing all the drives. Like something with "Windows is hybernating. will not... more text here" I would provide pictures if I had them but that requires me too reboot again and i will do that after I post this. Either way my specs are i5-4430 GTX 960 Installed on a 360Gb drive and windows is installed on my 1Tb drive MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition 16Gb of DDR-1600 memory I think that sums it up, unless you want to know the PSU for a reason. SO yeah. Kinda stuck. What do?