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  1. My System is Hp i3 2nd Gen 2 Gb Ram Intel HD3000 Graphics I tried to install Yosemite on laptop with usb made from Trans mac n Yosemite USB dmg file, first installation gave an error saying couldn't be installed so i tried installing again this time installation completed successfully on reboot first got error of debugger which happens to be solved with cpus=1 flag now am stuck on boot screen freezes at 50% Please Help
  2. Can't Boot From Yosemite-Zone dmg made USB

    I have only ENABLE and DISABLE options for both AHCI and UEFI and i have tried enabling both, enabling one disabling other and inverse of that too
  3. Can't Boot From Yosemite-Zone dmg made USB

    I've tried UEFI and AHCI switching on and off with all possible combinations but no luck
  4. Hi I've been struggling from many days to install OSX on my Samsung Laptop with these specs: Memory: 4GB Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz × 4 Graphics: Intel® Sandybridge Mobile But problem is I am unable to boot from usb disk, I've created usb as suggested in guide using Trans Mac and Yosemite-Zone dmg file followed by formatting for Mac step and my BIOS is set to boot from USB first but it just do nothing and simply goes to secondary boot device and load windows. Would be great if some one can help me out... P.S I have tried using Mavericks files and disk image tool too but no luck..... Thanks