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  1. Hey Friends, My configuration is as follows HP g6 pavilion Amd a8-4500 laptop with dual graphics 7640m and 7670m. Memory=4 GB I made USB bootable stick with boot utility disk with clover bootloader. I was unable to boot in normal mode, but setup run smoothly in verbose (-v) mode and installation went successfully. After that when I tried to boot from HDD with clover bootloader, its not booting and restarting in 3-4 seconds, In verbose mode, it shows something like following after 5 lines, ..................................... rooot device uuid is 'xxxxxxxxxx-xxx--xxx--xxxx--xxxxxxxx ' +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ after this series of plus signs , system getting restarted automatically, after using some combinations of flag, it either restarts or stucked at the same point. and if I try to boot from usb with verbose mode, setup launches successfully. Tried flags are : -v -x -f -s ncpi=0x3000 ,ncpi=0x2000, cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No/Yes. Tried with different kernels like /amd, /amd1,/amd64 etc. which was provided in nireshs .DMG file. and also tried to boot with chameleon bootloader , in that after loading .kext files from /S/L/E folder system getting restarted while starting darwin bootloader as I saw. Please help, its 2 sleepless nights in row and i cant get pass through this problem. Thanks in Advance