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  1. Can't get to Yosemite Installation Screen

    Hi, To be 100% precise the screen is not totally black. Just everything loads but nothing happens, but the screen is is still illuminated. Thanks, I'll try these commands.
  2. Hello guys, I finally managed to boot Yosemite from USB on my laptop. The problem, now, is that I can't get to installation screen. If I boot Yosemite Zone normally, It freezes with Apple Logo. If I boot It with verbose mode, no errors show up, but after some text lines, I just get a black screen. I really tried any combination possible as boot flags. My processor Is Intel Celeron J1800, maybe It's not compatible ? Can someone help me ? Thanks in advance !
  3. I can't boot Yosemite Zone from USB !

    Hello, It is already UEFI and Legacy. I also tried to disable Secure Boot, but nothing. I'll may try Clover, thank you !
  4. Hello, I installed Hackintosh on my Desktop PC and everything is fine. Then I decided to install It even on my Laptop, but I have no luck to boot Yosemite Zone from USB. On the boot menu, when I choose the USB key, for a second a screen which says : "Boot ok" appears, but then It immediately restarts. I've used the same USB key that I've used to install Yosemite Zone on my Desktop PC. Why ? Can someone help me ? My laptop specs : _Processor : Intel Celeron J1800 _RAM : 8GB _128GB SSD + 1TB HDD Thanks in advance !