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  1. (haswell) loop reboot after upgrade 10.9.2

    some problem exactly here, trying to figure out the solution, first time had to reinstall niresh. Please share if you find solution.
  2. No hard drive show up at 10.9.0 installation

    I managed to install it by using "Gparted live cd" to format my HDD to Fat32. Then on "niresh Mavericks" install i used "disk utility" to format the HDD to Journaled, after that i was able to choose my HDD to finish the instalation. Hope it helps!!
  3. No hard drive show up at 10.9.0 installation

    I have the same problem, but i have left my hdd blank, didn't formatted to any file type, gonna format to Fat32 and see if it works. Whats your HDD file type??