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  1. Hackintosh options?

    Hi i currently was interested in converting one of my rigs into a Studio Production computer, my only issue is i just upgraded my current AMD rig to a brand new 4790k intel/nvidia system. I was curious if i could run OS X Yosemite on my old gaming PC the specifications on that are as follows: - AMD 8350 FX - Sabertooth 2.0 Mobo - 16GB DDR3 Ram (1866mhz) - AMD 7850 GPU I would rather not use my current gaming PC that is a 4790k with a 980 gtx because it is a micro ATX build and no room left for hard drives really. So i was curious if i can make the AMD into a hackintosh with somewhat ease! Also would i be able to upgrade the memory to 64gb with yosemite? Thanks in advance !