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  1. Hi to all, Well ppl i started to think im retarded or something like that... i have Thinkpad T61 and trying to make hackintosh from it for more then 2 weeks and i keep failing all the time... I folowed many tutorials even mixing them and nothing seems to work for me...the problem is i dont know what im doing wrong ( 100% im doing something wrong ) Where i live there is no MacBooks or live dvd of any OSX, ( only Windows ) and i have 2 usb ( more then 8GB) and the best i got was when i put usb and try to boot OSX-Mavericks get Apple logo and after few seconds (when installation should start ) my laptop restart...over and over... Well im a noob but i try to input some commands as i found on google -v -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No etc and still nothing it keep restarting. If someone who know what his doing just tell me where i make a mistake or what im doing wrong i would be grateful for life! If possible like You need this >link< this >link< this >link< With this do this In bios do this and etc because like i said im a noob and after so many fails i forget even that little i learned trough forums and tutorials about hackintosh and mix all that up TY all in advance for any of your help and advice. PS: Im sorry for my English and grammar its not my native leangue! Its a Intel CPU and Intel mobile Graphics 2GB Ram