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  1. Boot error

    No it has not worked thank you for helping me, Thomas Herward
  2. Boot error

    It loads up into the first picture in this post and then I type in the command, it then says s) and goes back to that screen. do you think this computer will work with it?
  3. Boot error

    Hi, i don't know to much about it but I have done a test on it and it said 32 bit (I don't know if this is the Intel atom or not) also the laptop is about 3 years old
  4. Boot error

    Hi, I have been trying to hackintosh my laptop and have an error. When I boot it up, there are no boot flags which will work. I have looked all over the Internet and there is non that will work. If you look at photos it will show the screen I'm on. I also have the Yosemite and Mavericks and non will work. my specs: emachines laptop 32 bit Intel atom Dose anyone know what to type in? any help will be highly appreciated! thanks!