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  1. Okay, first off: I am using a Lenovo thinkpad G780 with an Intel Core i3 2,2 GHz and Integrated Graphics 3000 and an nVidia GT 635M Graphics card. I have managed to install Yosemite Niresh using Transmac, installed Drivers with Multibeast. Now i am stuck with the graphics: Either I disable Integrated Graphics and everything looks alright, but is insanely laggy (In the "About Mac" Tab, it says Graphic: 5MB), or i enable them, and OSX runs fast (QE/CI enabled), but the screen is distorted (can only see one half, stretched on x axis and upset on y axis) and strange colored bars are all over the screen (colors are messes up generally). When i enable the nVidia card, it says "nVidia ROM Patching Failed" at boot... could not find a working solution for that, so I stopped trying it w/ nVidia. I have googled and searched the forums for literally HOURS, but could not find any working way to fix this. Thank you in advance, oh, i have tried GraphicsEnable=Yes and =No, same with IGP. Will either toggle use of nVidia card, or make the system unbootable at all (depending on if i enabled compatible graphics in BIOS). cLux