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  1. MacPwn Mavericks

  2. WiFi not recognize ASUS USB-N66

    Need help with my USB adapter. Install the driver but when I click wireless utility, it seems don't show anything. Is the adapter not support? I tried to install network adapter using macpoison but still not able to view or connect my internet.
  3. Boot not found when use SSD

    Hi, Just bought a new SSD and I tried to clean install Maverick 10.9.0. After complete installation, I restore all the data using time machine. But the problem is I need to enter username and password. I tried to enter my username and password all are wrong. I tried clean install again but this time I don't transfer anything from time machine. I let it complete until all the config is done and restart my computer, run usb boot and restore all the data using time machine. Yes it works but when I restart, it said not found any os in my SSD. Again I tried but this time I use Carbon Copy. I clone everything and try to run using only SSD and the problem are same. I only can run Maverick only if I plug in my usb or my old hard disk so that I can choose my clone Maverick using UEFI boot. Is I miss any setting to run my SSD or is my installation is wrong?