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  1. Hi im new to frum. ok well I usd trans mac got zon file from dl area 10.10.1... my pc is dellatitude e6400 intel cor2 duo T9800 @2.93GHz, 4 Ram , Nvidia Quadro nvs 160m no mater what I put in mostly all haing in random paces. It was hainging around pci stuff tryed bouth fix's "ncpi=0x3000 and ncpi=0x2000 -v -x arch=i386 and x86_64 in all kinds of ordears and not all at once. my haings so far in this order ar ate(in -v mode); (1st)enabliing read-ahead cache (2nd)[pci configuration end, bridges 7, devices 18 ] (3rd) load succeeded (4th)acpi: no ecdt (5th)no interval for . using 8000000 (6th)KDIFileBackingStore::_handleStart: initial R/W vn_open returned 30 and the lates run did seam to make it the further but I cant remimber whear it hang at ! :(;