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  1. hackintosh updater 10.10.1 to 10.10.3 Trying to update to 10.10.3 to get the photos app to get iCloud syncing of my pictures back. Downloaded the file hosted on my site to do this. The installer is hanging at about 75% hasn't moved in a while. Tried quitting and it says it can't quit. Should I force quit or restart? Im afraid i won't be able to get back in. :-( edit:. So the installer eventually failed. I restarted the laptop, now it's screwed again. Won't boot from clover, thankfully I had my Usb stick with chameleon on it. So I can boot with that. It shows its on 10.10.3 now. How can I get it booting again with clover?
  2. Hackintosh Yosemite

    Where is the download link?