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  1. Hello! I have for a period of 3 months Fujitsu Lifebook U772 (editorial tests) and I decided to put on the Hackintosh-surmounted Niresh Mavericks. Once I took my Mountain Lion on your own computer, but unfortunately I've had problems with the kernel, so I knew how to upload everything. I ran on Windows 7 Transmac-starred CD image on USB flash drive 8 Gb, the second 1 GB stick I used to run the bootloader-I installed it using the Guide Niresh. Everything is burned, I ran the bios, I switched everything as it should be and ... nothing, the screen hangs on "_". The question is, what do you do to kick-start? Pendrive works, detect it on Ubuntu on your computer, and install Ubuntu on this laptop in an identical manner to start the firing of Clover to succeed. Ps. Yup, Legacy Mode is on. Pss. image of pendrives file system Psss. image of error screen.