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  1. Had same issue with ethernet and solved by changing the kext driver the built in with the yosemite didn't seem to work
  2. Ethernet problem ISP Failed, WIFI driver Fix, Yosemite.

    Exactly same thing for me here. I am playing with clover configurator please let us know what is going on hehe
  3. Figured out the nvidia injection was off in clover now I am back again! INJECT NVIDIA ALL! haha
  4. I got far more older specs. I am with lap Compaq CQ50. What i figured out was when I was using USB Stick bootloader had to use PCIRootUID=1 and when was booting from hard drives bootloader didnt need that flag. But I guess PCIRootUID=0 from hard drive might work too. Mine worked sometimes with /hp cpus=1, sometimes had to add nv_disable=1 Why dont you try /** (** amd u have to use) cpus=1 and if it doenst work add the nv_disable=1
  5. Have you managed to install it ? If not I had to try many many variations of bootflags to not only successfully boot the installation but to successfully install it too. For the record I was playing with them all day.. more than 10 attempts. Just search for the specific hardware you have and try to find what others did. My suggestion is to put one flag at a time in your attempts so u have a record of whats happening.
  6. Hey Guyz nice to meet you all, As the title mentions, I have the following issue after running the clover configurator. Specs: Compaq Presario CQ50 Intel core2duo P8400 2.26 and 2Gb Ram. Nvidia graphics chipset as far as I remember Geforce 9400M. (not sure and cant define as I cant boot) Well in summary I had successfully install yosemite with Niresh Yosemite Dmg. I chose CLOVER EFI Bootloader and it booted nicely 1st time. After that I had some issues with my ethernet (dhcp gained IP but not internet) and thought to run clover configurator to do the clover lan fix (might screw up everything hehe) At first mounted my EFI partition and open the config.plist so I loaded the whole configuration within clover configurator. After save and reboot the yosemite partition starts to boot but after almost the half bar of boot I get instant reboot Booted with the -v flag and attached the photo. I believe is something with my ethernet or applesmbus not sure though im not a pioneer hehe I would really appreciate any help on top of that as I am newbie THanks in advance guyz