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  1. Premise (just in case :-) ) : I legally own a Macbook shipped with Yosemite. I used Hackintosh Zone just because it seemed the faster way to install it on a my non-Apple machine. I managed (surprisingly) quite easily to install Yosemite Hackintosh by Niresh on a Virtual Box VM. After installation was completed and logged in OS X, I was asked (not sure whether by Hackintosh installer or Os X itself) by a pop up "Fix Mac AppStore on this Mac? This can be reverted". I (wrongly?) pressed "no" because I was afraid it was an official message which could break everything. I tried to open AppStore both before and after that message and seems working. However (of course) it asks me to log in to download any app. Is it safe to use my Apple Account for anything within Hackintosh Zone distro? If not, where do I find the message I declined on the first place (see above) or perhaps a guide similar to http://www.osx86.net/forums/topic/19442-guide-get-icloud-app-store-and-imessage-working/ for Yosemite? I am pretty new to Hackintosh so any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!