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  1. I believe that if u go in singe mode -x you can add those! Bi IDK exactly how it works... but if you look for it in the Internet
  2. Your now booting in to the Yosemite? AMD? This vid helped me installing the Yosemite software to my USB where I boot on (it says Mavericks but that doesn't care. Just do the things he does and does it the same!)(you can skip until he's in the instalation part ). (Just befor installing you can change some things. Do it like him) and add "graphicsenabler=no" and add "-v" (if you need to) when installation is finished! (While wile booting is busy somtimes press the Windows key/command. This wil get you to the next screen.) I hope this work... if you now have other problems (I have) I now need a name and password... They say you have to do name:root pass:nirich but it can take some time... (Buy first your concurrent problem )
  3. Use "-v graphicsenabler=no" it worked forms to boot in to Yosemite! plz tell if it works!
  4. I HAVE the same problem... Does the startup always hangs on 50 and you have to wait until the Windows button/command to open the login screen? I do... But I wil try waiting with username root and pass niresh. I hope this work... I think I just give a update when I tried it over 30 min and a hour... PLZ LET IT WORK ? pc: amd 4GB ?processor? UPDATES -little update 5 min - is to short... -update 30 min - nope... -update 45 min - still no... -update 60 min - (didn't check...) -update 8 hours (7 on sleep mode) - nononononono -update 20 hours - No wont work I'll think I need a new option....
  5. I'm in the installation of the software... But it takes about hours... It says 16 min in the beginning.. An it also counts down but about 10+ min for 1 min... After this was done i started from that usb.. But than it went stuck on about 50%.... So I'm installing again what made me wait again.. Don now I'm writing this and still 14-15 min (x10)