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  1. operating system not found Dont understand why i get this error on usb ''operating system not found'' I make a usb with usb writer in windows. i downloaded the yosemite iso + usb . Very frustating error plz fix it. Must i use a older version like mavericks ? Not user friendly . There are clearly stated that i must usb writer in windows ! So anyone have a idea what this means? Is this a computer bug ? Or a corrupt iso? I have only a dmg file for the usb install. But that file can not written to a usb 8 gig stick with windows ! Must i use a real mac? Sorry but this is hackintosh? I have no real mac.
    does not work ! download de torrent make a usb stick . I start the computer only what i get is a ''operating sytem not found error'' there are clearly stated that i must use usb writer in windows. total crap!