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  1. This is for installing a hackintosh on a Dell R720 server with 16GB memory and whatever graphics card they ship with by default. The operating system I am running is Centos 5.9 and the Virtualbox version is 5.016 - I originally had a 4.x version, but upgraded while trying to get this all to work... I had this problem of the "missing bluetooth controller transport" - actually it still comes up but I resolved it by moving my hackintosh.vmdk file from the SATA controller to the IDE controller instead. After that, it just kept going right past that error and booted ok. So I guess the error wasn't important if it doesn't hang there. So the sequence I used was (from memory) 1. Downloaded the Niresh "Yosemite Zone" disks and install per here: - note that I had to mount it on a IDE controller instead of SATA to get it working. (You might try mounting the VMDK file to the IDE controller for this part of the installation if that is what keeps it all going. I didn't go back and try that. I only moved it after the steps below) 2. My installation hung with 6 minutes to go, so I following instructions from here: a) Removed the Yosemite Zone iso from the DVD drive using the storage settings. b ) booted to single user with the "-s" option c) remounted using: mount -uw / d) cd'd to the /.OSinstallsandBoxpath/Scripts/Hackintosh.Zone.Post-Script.xZpcnD directoty and executed the ./postinstall script - note the xZpcnD part is probably different on your machine e) Rebooted - but it still got hung up. f) Went into the virtualbox storage settings and changed the vmdk to be mounted on an IDE controller instead of the default SATA controller. The reason I tried that is because I had to do the same thing to get the Yosemite Zone install to work in the first place. g) Rebooted again. Now it went past the missing bluetooth controller transport error and booted! For what it's worth, I had the video settings on the virtualbox at 9 - the default at this point. Logged in as root/niresh and everything was ok. It seemed to kick off some repairs when I first logged in, but other than that things seem to be working ok.