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  1. No HPET's available

    I remember this error!! try booting into safe mode (-x) that always helped me. Hope it helps you
  2. Does the Radeon 6950 work ?

    Thanks for the feedback. I had a feeling I was wasting me time trying to get it installed.
  3. Does the Radeon 6950 work ?

    I've heard of some people being successful installing the drivers. Will it work? If so, how would I do it?Thanks.
  4. Mavericks install failed

    Thanks, It worked. I remounted and booted with "amd -v" thanks for your help
  5. Mavericks install failed

    I will be back, I remounted it too the USB. I shall go try. Hopefully it works.
  6. Mavericks install failed

    Oh, thanks I was downloading the dvd I just stopped it. xD So, how would I get this to install... I am remounting the stuff to a USB again...
  7. Mavericks install failed

    Is the DVD version more optimized by chance? (Installation wise)
  8. No HPET's available

    Have you tried using kernel flags like "PCIRootUID=0" etc
  9. No HPET's available

    Have you tried booting without any flags? Have you tried making sure "HPET" is on in the BIOS? Have you tried making sure it's 64 bits ( If you have the option ). Is your mother board / cpu 64 bit?
  10. Mavericks install failed

    + I am using the USB version, Does the ISO version work on a 4.37 gb dvd? Or do you need Dual-Layered
  11. Mavericks install failed

    I have 10.8.5 installed working perfect.
  12. Mavericks install failed

    I am using the distro by niresh
  13. Mavericks install failed

    It just says "Installation Error"
  14. Mavericks install failed

    My Motherboard: "Amd Phenom x4 | 860" My GPU: "Amd Radeon 6950" Bootflags I have used "Amd" "Amd64" "Amdfx" I have tried "AHCI" and "IDE" on my motherboard. It usually fails when i says "20 Minutes remaining" Can anyone help me out? Thanks for the support!
  15. White screen after booting / Stuck at Apple logo

    I ended up getting it all fixed. I reinstalled mac and moved the graphics extensions. and boot with "Kernel Cache"=atom npci=0x2000 Thanks for the help anyways