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  1. stuck at CPU IS....

    Bump, trying a hackingtosh again, same error?
  2. stuck at CPU IS....

    any flag i use, gives me same error mate. and yes step by step.
  3. stuck at CPU IS....

    thankyou for the support btw! every time, with different bootflags. my first time hackintosh and my system seemed good for it, hope it can be resolved so i can give a little donation
  4. stuck at CPU IS....

    returned the exact same screen i am not a novice at all when it comes to hardware AND software.
  5. stuck at CPU IS....

    didnt work
  6. stuck at CPU IS....

    sorry i dont know how to upload a picture to here, this is the screen i get thankyou for replying
  7. stuck at CPU IS....

    bump does nobody have a solution?
  8. stuck at CPU IS....

    first of all, THANKYOU for providing the OS and so much support on the forum! so, i get stuck at CPU is Intel i7 930 bla bla bla when trying to install OSX Mavericks no matter what bootflags i seem to put in, can somebody help me please? my setup is: Intel Core i7 930 2.8GHz 12GB Ram EVGA Feforce GTX 570 Samsung 240 pro SSD 2TB WD HDD