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  1. Notebook ASUS K551LB CPU Intel I7 4500 Motherboard model ASUS S551LB - Chipset Intel H86 or H87 Ram 4 Gb DDR 3 VGA NVIDIA 740 & Intel HD Graphics Problems 1. When install Yosemite with " /haswell ", start installation and when remain 14 minute appear an message - OS X could not be installed on your computer - An error occurred while extracting files from the package "Essentials.pkg" - Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again. I try, but messege reappear. 2. When try to install in UEFI Mode from usb stick the installation run good, but when restart the computer not boot from OS. Plug usb stick, reboot from usb in UEFI and click Boot from Mac OS X (HDD), run,show up the apple picture and restart the computer. Please help me.
  2. Help!!

    I a notebook emachines e630 - cpu Athlon II x2 / 3Gb DDR2...after press enter for os x 10.8.5 starting installation appear next message: "can't find/mach_kernel press a key to continue" press a key and boot option reappear... what i do?