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  1. ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 v2

  2. pb audio files

    HI, since I reinstalled Yosemite I get an error on the Audio files. see the attached piece If you have an idea thank you for helping me solve this problem the message appears every boot Yosemite Thank you in advance
  3. how unistall "all audio.....

    Thank's Niresh no problem
  4. VoodooHDA for Mavericks

    hi, is it working for ALC887 ?? TXS
  5. Hi, How to uninstall: "All in One Audio Solution.mpkg" I have no sound since I installed this patch HELP ........ !!!!!!! thank you
  6. Install failure

    sorry but i can't help you for laptop look in download section for patch
  7. Install failure

    install in -v mode
  8. Install failure

    Hi, waht's fail ??
  9. Bios modification

    no you must boot with a keys (8Go)
  10. Sound Probleme

    hi, I have a problem sounds: line in, mic in, does not work This is very embarrassing for "GarageBand" motherboard Gigabyte G41M-ES2L / Sound ALC 887 codec please help Thank's
  11. Bios modification

    you ca use a soft call "Paragon NTFS" for read/write NTFS
  12. Bios modification

    For my part whatsoever Yosemite or Mavericks, everything is installed without major problems on the first try on the equipment already very old, dating as a processor, see the signature of the post. Mavericks runs like clockwork and I can walk "GarageBand" without any worries. I just added RAM (DDR2) and changed the graphics card is recognized by OS-X Good Luck (automatic translation)
  13. Bios modification

    hi, in my opinion, there is no problem about changing the bios, and reinstallation of windows for after-sales service. WHY do not install OS-X and "WINDOWS" whole dual boot? good luck soon to OS-X (autmatic tanslation)