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  1. Does not start the installation.

    see my post Hopefully this works for you.
  2. For me the following works perfectly. Burn ISO on DVD, also burn the same ISO on a USB stick. In your bios put DVD drive first and your HD second (AHCI) Boot from DVD and wait for the menu. When you see the menu take the USBstick en put it in your PC. Now refresh the menu by pressing F5. Your USBstick will be visible. Navigate to your USBstick and hit enter. (don't forget your boot flag depend on the type PC your using). This method resolved my "waiting for root device" My combo is a 2,9 Ghz AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual core 5600+ x 2 Graphics GTX 260 Black edition Motherboard ECS GF8100VM-M3 (MCP78M-M3 V:1.0) I used only the flag "amd64" Everything works right out of the box. Hopefully this works for you and others