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  1. Instação do Yosemite no HP DV4

    what kind of error you are getting?
  2. Not Able to Install on Hp15r201tx

    Tell me your system specification.
  3. add custom kext to existing usb installer ok so i have first generation Intel processor so my intel graphic card is not supported. i found a guide to use my graphic card but in order to work it requires me to add "custom kext" to the USB's folders open : System/Library/Extensions but how can i do this?
  4. Bootloader doesnt boot stuck at spinning line made usb bootable through transmac after selecting usb in bios it stuck at spinning line. any solution guys? Solved: by using newer version of yosemite
  5. Not Able to Install On HP Laptop hp15r201tx

    Power off your virtual machine. Edit Your VM config. give 128Mb Video memory. Start your vm. and press "F-8" select hd(0,2) <yourpartitionname> Step1 :- -s -v -x when its done. Step2 :- /sbin/fsck -fy Step3 :- /sbin/mount -uw / Step4 :- cd /.OSInstallSandboxPath/Scripts/ Step5 :- ls Step6 :- cd Hackintosh.Zone.Post-Script.XXXXXX ( <- this must be changed for your .xxxxxx ) Step7 :- ./postinstall When it finishes just type: exit Mac will load
  6. Won't boot | Instant reboot HP Laptop model no. ww144av Intel core i5 430M 4GB Ram Intel HD Graaphics. ok so i downloaded .iso yosemite zone and installed it on usb device. but after selecting "boot from usb"in the boot menu. some text shows for nano second and then it restarts.i have no clue where i am wrong.