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  1. Double Graphics Cards

    ive got the same laptop, the amd radeon is not compatible apple don't use them anymore just use chameleon wizard and make sure that graphics enabler = no igpenabler = no 1080p mode is on and force 64bit mode you will be stuck with 64mb of video data though. i dont know how you got the wireless working, if you have the intel cetrino wireless card its not compatible, but hey what do i know right...
  2. If this topic is still useful... I have an older version of this laptop, I installed mavericks was able to boot into it... Unfortunately my research showed that the AMD radeon 8xxx series are not compatible with mac because apple don't use them any more... dont worry the intel hd 4000 will work but you will be stuck with 64mb of video memory... ¬_¬ which when watching youtube or a video or going into launch pad destroys the performance... and also the intel wireless card is not compatible either... so i had to buy a little wireless usb adapter. something like this will do... make sure the wireless usb has software for mac... I'm not quite sure about the booting error. the install i had to do was Graphics enabler =no igpenabler=no backup graphics kexts = all of them and then you download, chameleon wizard and make sure that you check resolution finder or 1080p mode extra... and make sure you force 64bit mode