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  1. I NEED HELP TO INSTALL OS X !! (HELP mE Please).. Hello, good afternoon ... I write because of them I have trouble installing any version of OSX on my computer, I have seen their tutorials and installation guides and choose to install the version OS X Yosemite, did all the steps indicating the tutorial or guide, and not completed loading the installer has, not if it's because my hardware is poor and lacks resources or something has happened ... Below I detail the hardware with which do I have ... Motherboard: MSI G3 with Intel P21 chipset. Processor: Intel Dual Core (Core 2 Duo E5200) (2x2500 MHz) Ram: Kingston 2Gb DDR2 800 Mhz HDD: Western Digital 500 Gb Video and Audio: Onboard The boot process do from a pendrive 16gb, that formatting the "TransMac" software... format my pendrive and amount image (DMG) with that software and boot from the flash drive, a position different bootflag, I have tried several and the boot starts charging, but after a while, I restarted my PC alone, and not finished loading the files needed to enter the console or greeter and installation ... My question is that is happening to me ?, installation will be insufficient RAM ?, need a minimum of 4 gb? I've seen IMac running 2.5 gb and less processor speed than I have available ... want and need to install a Mac or iMac, as I dedicate myself to graphic design and multimedia software edition run and work best under environment of Mac OS X ... Thanks..