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  1. Asus n56vz

    And for my graphic what option i choose? *I try again and can't boot again
  2. Asus n56vz

    But i can boot, always crush
  3. Asus n56vz

    Thanks, i have to reinstall everything again
  4. Asus n56vz

    When i try to install trackpad, give me a error and keyboard stop working. When i install intel hd 4000, i can't boot anymore. I boot with flag GraphicsEnabler=Yes
  5. Asus n56vz

    niresh 10.9
  6. Asus n56vz

    my specs are : i7 3630 QM 2.4ghz gforce gt 650 and intel hd 4000 i have a sucessfull install but wifi and trackpad don't work. i install Slytherin and only put hd drivers and trackpad and give me a error in liberay, after that osx don't work again.
  7. I do that and it works, i have hackintosh now But i have a few problems, i will put a list of features that doesn't work: Wi fi trackpad It's possible to put this working? I install slytherin but i don't know what i should select, just graphic.
  8. it's one asus n56vz s4357h processor i7 3630 QM Quadcore graphic NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 650M + Intel® HD Graphics 4000 chipset Intel® HM76 Chipset
  9. when i boot with -v, boot stop where when i boot normal give error : I try to boot with GraphicsEnabler=NO, starts but after a while shutdown alone. I try to boot in safemode, was the best, appear loading bar but after while stop again.
  10. know i boot mac without error but when i hear voice screen are black, with i play fn + f5 to alternate screen, the screen back with apple logo but voice stop.
  11. When i use usb to go mac osx give a massive error log. i will try to take a photo You have to explain me better what i have to do with slytherin
  12. Hi, after i install nerish 10.9, when osx restarts windows start automatic, i don't know how to go to osx. The article on top is offline now