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  1. Boot using -v and post a picture
  2. Thankz
  3. Give us Full Setup! Of Your system First
  4. Did you manage to install? Im replying since i saw that nobody help you
  5. Why dont you try Mavericks instead!!! Thats a powerfull setup and Mavericks mite be better for you.
  6. Have you try other .iso burner softwares? I remember i use Poweriso and burn it at the lowest speed i think it was 6x and didnt gave me any errors.
  7. Did you intall the hd 7xxx Kexts? Or it work out the box ,im askin because sometimes for some People it wont work out the box they have to do some tweaking and stuff with Their setup.
  8. Can you post a Picture so i can see what you really mean
  9. Dame la especificacion de tu systema ante todo.
  10. Hola yo te puedo ayudar dime tu problema
  11. Yes ,just follow some of the installation guides from this web site
  12. You already set the bios and everything?
  13. I cant understand your issue.i could only understand that you get stuck in the apple loading logo
  14. Correct if you download it from this site its the right one.and system specs please.
  15. Maybe is set To Auto in the Bios...Go To Bios and You Choose witch Video Card the System Boots to From Onboard Video or Pci express One.Choose Pci Im not sure if what you saying is that You wanna use both Cards? The Intel and the other one