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  1. Error during Mavericks installation

    You install it by DVD or USB?
  2. Installation failed

    Ok problem solved. I used different USB stick and it installed
  3. Installation failed

    Hm dmg is 100% not corrupted because I have downloaded it 2 times. I don't think the hard disk is corrupted because it's new one and i have all data on it so it's working. Maybe there is something with USB stick?
  4. Installation failed

    Ok so I installed without any extra kexts and it didn't helped. I attached installation log. Installer Log 7-Mar-2014.txt
  5. Installation failed

    ok I will try to install it without any extra kexts. If it won't help then I will post installer log
  6. Installation failed

    CPU: Intel i5 4670k RAM: 8GB DDR3 MOBO: Gigabyte GA Z87-HD3 Graphics Card: AMD 7870 I can boot to the installation without any problems, and when I format a drive and select kexts and do installation, it's installing but when it's like 75% i get "Installation failed" What's the reason for it?