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  1. dual boot el capitan with windows 7

    You still can, but your Windows must be UEFI. Check it before any process. 1. Shrink the system partition(This process is to create free space on disk for OS X, you can wipe your D:/ drive if any 2. Format the free space allocated for OS X(any disk format could work 3. Boot via OS X installation USB 4. Reformat the partition to hfs+ via disk utility 5. Install OS X there 6. Install bootloader on your boot disk Note: it only works on UEFI Windows because OS X only support GUID Partition Table(GPT). Windows in legacy(Bios) mode only support Master Boot Record(MBR) for boot disk. Only Windows installed in UEFI mode will and definitely have GPT for the disk.
  2. dual boot el capitan with windows 7

    It depends on how you want it to be, on one drive or two? If two, that will be easier. Just Install Windows on one, OS X on the other and set your bootloader(Clover or Chameleon) a wait time(just a sec). Every time when your computer boot to the bootloader, you can choose partition from the bootloader. If one, Get OS X 100% working first, I do recommend to manage the partition before installation of OS X. If you already installed OS X, shrink the partition with your OS X installation USB. Get your bootloader to boot into the Windows installation media, install Windows on the other partition. The rest are the same bootloader thing. Edited: Your windows installation media MUST be UEFI if you want both OS on one disk because only UEFI Windows support GPT boot disk. UEFI is still recommended if you want it on two different drives.