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  1. I am trying to get this working properly, but there seems to be like a billion errors on this. I am trying to get my wireless to work as well as both the Intel 4600 hd and the nvidia internal card it both houses. I also have beats Audio. I would like to be able to get all them working correctly, but I unfortuantely do not know the first thing about dsdt edits. I was able to get my ssdt's in here and they seem to work fine. However the dsdt I need help desperately on. Can someone please help me? Update: well I was able to get my intel graphics to work with 10.9.4 automatically after I updated. All I need to do now is get my Sound, Internal WiFi, and Brightness buttons to work. I have tried many different voodoo kexts but it winds up giving me a kernel panic wach time. So the only option is to do a direct injection into my dsdt. If anyone would be able to show me how or is able to do that for me that would be awesome. I really appreciate any feedback and help that anyone is able to give.
  2. You know I am having the same problem. I succesfully updated to 10.9.2 after copying my mach_kernel and replaceing the extensions folder back. Everything boots up fine. However, just like you I can access iTunes, iBooks, AppStore, everything except iCloud or iMessage. Which I would really like to have for my calander. I have tried everything as follows: -nvram file lib- fail -efi option- However since I have graphicsenabler=Yes for my Nvidia graphics, it causes me to have a blank screen. I did however add the EFI for the cards but still does not work. -sever different UID from smbios- I tried several different models and seriel gens and still no avail. -deleted network prefs and re-added network- fail -added wifi adapter and iphone tether- fail -added to DNS- fail -PlatformUID.kext- fail -iMessageFix from Niresh Download- fail I have pretty much tried everything except migration tool, which in order to do that I would have to take my pc down to where my other hackintosh is that works awesome as an intel bases one. Attempt to migrate from there but I am trying to avoid having to do that because it is a huge hassle. If anyone has any other ideas I would be very greatful to get this working. I have tried several different ways to get my AMD HAckintosh working and Niresh was by far the best solution for it. So I really appreciate everything you guys do and look forward to hearing back from you. Current Specs are AMD FX - 8350 Black Edition 8-core at 4.33ghz 2x EVGA 560 Ti 2048mb Asus Sabertooth 990fx Ver 1.0 Sandisk SSD 120GB For Mavericks Boot Toshiba SSD 128GB for Windows 8.1 Boot 1TB Seagate for Windows and Soon a 1TB additional for Mavericks 8GB of Ram UPDATE 1 - So I managed to do a migration from my other mac to this one and now icloud works great. Every now and again it will ask me for my password but thats ok. The only thing though is that Imessage now is connected with my account, but says inactive next to it. I tried closing the app and re-open it and it then says failed activation again. So until there is a clear fix I can just use my phone to message right now which is fine or use remote messages either way I am just glad to get my icloud working. Next just need to figure out how to get the usb working after sleep. Will not work at all even if I unplug the the keyboard and plug it back in. I also have no pll overvoltage setting in my bios so I am at a lost at this point