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  1. [Help]How to Install Yosemite 10.10 in a Pentium G3240? Hi, i have a problem trying to install OS X Yosemite in my pc : *AsRock VG4 H81 *Intel Pentium g3240 *2X4gb Ram DDR3 1866MHZ *160GB HDD(this is going to be for Yosemite *1tb WD Blue (Windows) *AMD R7 265 Sapphire 2GB DDR5 *NZXT 550W Booting from USB (16gb) it stuck in these line : vm swap subsystem is on tryed use this bootflags : -v -x -f /Haswell GraphicsEnabler=No and GraphicsEnabler=1 or 0 /dart /usbbusfix=Yes i read in forums there was a problem with my Pentium is not supported and i have to make a CPU ID Fake. how can i make this? i dont have mac's , only windows 7/10 is possible edit from TransMAC? i get this view of files is possible? which tools i need? i dont have a mac :s and want to try OS X Yosemite