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  1. Well thanks for everything! When I finally figure out a way to do it I will get back to if you need some help on the login .
  2. The problem that I actually encountered was not in the video because my problem is at the restart. So basically when it automatically restarts after the installation process i have to enter a boot flag again or otherwise it does not work. Thanks anyway!
  3. I tried to use "npci=0x2000 -v USBBusFix=Yes graphicsenabler=no" but I am afraid it still didn't work. It might also depend on my CPU Because I have the amd fx 8350 which may need a different flag Anyway if you have anymore suggestions on what I should try please write me back. Thanks:)
  4. Still waiting for root device

    Amd fx 8350 nvidia gtx 750 ti I tried several boot flags like USBBusFix=Yes and UseKernelCache=No
  5. Same problem need help! Even though the first boot flag was working after i tried to boot from the new partition it gave me this error: "Still waiting for root device"
  6. OMG you're the best! it took me forever until I found my kernel flag !