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  1. tiamat 7.1 support

    Does anyone know how can i make the tiamat 7.1 work 100% on a hackintosh ? and output a 7.1 sound ? :/ i5 3570k maximus v gene
  2. SSD Problems

    i did that but nothing changed here is a picture of the system information my MB is maximus v gene
  3. SSD Problems

    For some reason i'm not getting the full SSD speed http://www.corsair.com/en-us/force-series-gt-120gb-sata-3-6gbps-solid-state-hard-drive
  4. Niresh 10.9 Freeze

    the System is up and running like a charm though if i start it without the Graphicsenabler=Yes -f it will freeze after like 2-3 min after i login into the system other than that it's perfect
  5. Niresh 10.9 Freeze

    I'm installing the distro again (clean install) so there is nothing in the SSD or the backup, Should i try the -f ? i tried every single solution but without any luck expect -f
  6. Niresh 10.9 Freeze

    My Pc keep freezing after 4-10 Min tops while in the desktop environment everytime i installed the distro 1 month a go and i didn't have a problem with it at all and it went smooth from the install to the games and updates so idk what's up ;/ My specs are i5-3570K 8GB Ram GeForce GTX 550 Ti Maximus v gene