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  1. Help needed

    Hi everyone, I have an Asus u563-bal7 laptop, with an i5 and 6gb ram. I have successfully installed mavericks. I have a couple of issues need help with. 1. after i installed mavericks with clover i get an error when booting without the niresh usb in. i get gpt error and boot error 0 but i can boot just fine with the usb in and choosing the hdd osx was installed on and it will boot like normal. 2. wifi, i need the wifi kext also many other kexts, ive tried using multibeast for kexts and everytime ive used it whenever re booting i get stuck at the spinning apple logo and then i have to re install osx unless there is a way around to fix this. Any and all help is greatly appreciated thank you
  2. BCD Error

    AMD FX 4100 8gb ddr3 1600mhz msi 970a -g46 xfx hd 7770 ocz agility for windows 8 hitachi 7200 rpm hdd for mavericks
  3. BCD Error

    From what i see there is no System Reserved partition, and i have both OS on two different SSD.
  4. Working AMD

    Mother Board | Msi 970a-g46 CPU | AMD FX 4100 Memory | 8gb of 1600mhz ddr3 ram SSD | 60gb ocz agility Gcard | XFX hd 7770 I recommend to use multibeast to get the ALC 892 sound drivers, much better than voodoo and gets rid of static
  5. BCD Error

    Hi everyone, im new to having a hackintosh but i successfully got osx 10.9 Mavericks installed on my pc. After I got all the kernals for Audio etc fixed i went and installed win 8.1, both OS work perfectly. But i have one problem. I have chameleon installed the only way for me to get to chameleon is to hit f11 and boot off the osx HDD otherwise windows loads up automatically, and also when i go to choose windows from Chameleon it says I have changed hardware and has a bcd error saying its not configured right. is there a way to fix it so it boots to chameleon first then i can choose option? Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!